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If you are in full time employment, it's easy to take out a personal loan, we will find you rates that are comparable with - if not better than - those offered by some high street lenders. All we ask is some confirmation of your current income.

We all know that today's employment world is different from the one known by our parents and grandparents - a fact that is not immediately recognised by the high street banks and building societies.

At the Five Star Finance Company we're different.
We recognise that the world has changed - and we offer personal loans to employed people of different circumstances. For example, many of our clients work on a contract by contract basis, and through no fault of their own are often turned down by some high street banks and building societies.

At the Five Star Finance Company we understand today's world and today's employee.
Being an independent family run organisation we will treat you as an individual and we have a deliberate philosophy to be sufficiently flexible to meet your circumstances. Our independence means that we can search the market and will secure you the loan that's right for you at a competitive rate of interest.

You may be one of the increasing number of people who have set up their own businesses and work for themselves. In which case you will appreciate that, as well as bringing many benefits, your self-employed status can also bring some downsides.

As someone running your own business you will probably be all too aware that most banks prefer lending to employed clients because of the (mistaken) belief that an employed applicant represents a better risk.

At the Five Star Finance Company we are different.
Having started as a small business ourselves, we faced similar problems raising finance and our directors have first hand experience of all the issues associated with dealing with banks when you are self-employed. Because we understand and empathise with your situation, we have deliberately set out to welcome and help self-employed business people and company directors. You may be surprised but, unlike most other financial organisations, we can help you in the following instances.

If you cannot provide accounts or proof of income.
No problem. All we ask is that you tell us your current level of pre tax income and prove to us that you are actively self-employed. For example, you could send us a copy of your latest tax assessment or VAT return - even if the profits show a lower figure than you are currently earning.

If you can only provide an accountant's letter.
No problem. We understand that there is no legal requirement to prepare accounts for the majority of small businesses although you may retain an accountant to advise you on tax matters. Simply ask your accountant to write to us to confirm your income in our prescribed form.

If you are thinking of starting your own business.
No problem. You may be considering setting a business up at the moment. If so, wouldn't it be great knowing you have some solid help behind you.

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